News 01 Jan
The Laundry Chute Hero
The old-school invention that has been saving the lives of our heroes and heroines in all our favourite stories.

In all seriousness, if a laundry chute is desired in a home, a wise precaution would be to place the chute ...

News 18 Dec
Water Tanks – The Drought-Resistant Feature Every Home Needs
Although these tanks are no longer a council requirement, they help the eco-system and environment thrive via minimising water used in the garden, kitchen and bathroom. By using water tanks the strain on stormwater drainage ...

News 30 Sep
Houzz Article
We were recently quoted in the Houzz article on 'How to Grow your Business without Compromising on Quality'.

How to Grow Your Business Without Compromising on Quality


News 04 Dec
Skylights are aesthetically pleasing and give the illusion of space.

We love how these void skylights in our Balmoral house bathe the kitchen below in beautiful natural light. ...